Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainbow Cookie Repost

Since we're fast approaching April, where in some parts of the country many of you will be getting those lovely "April Showers", I thought it would be appropriate to republish this post from January 2009. These cookies are quick and easy and look so pretty when you're finished. Next time there's rain in your forcast, grab that pretty little apron of yours and fill your home with the smell of these little beauties.
Vintage photo from Pillsbury Children's Choice Cookbook circa 1982

Monday January 5, 2009

Yesterday was one of our rare rainy days in Phoenix. While much of the time I enjoy our mild winters and sunny days, I have to admit I love to wake up to the sound of rain. I'm always torn between wanting to snuggle up by the fire with a good book and enjoy a cozy day inside, or on the other hand wanting to get outside and enjoy it. I know some of you may not understand that, but around here a nice rain is something to get excited about. Yesterday being Sunday, I was able to do both. In the afternoon Jim built a fire for me in the fireplace and among other projects (like continuing to put away Christmas decorations), I got out a favorite old cookbook and made some Over the Rainbow Cookies. Actually we usually just call them "rainy day cookies". It was always fun to do this when my kids were little, and you know what? It's still fun.

These are super quick and easy because you use the prepared roll of cookie dough. The recipe comes from a small paperback cookbook from Pillsbury called "Children's Choice Cookbook". I think it cost me all of $1.98 back in 1982, but I have gotten as much , if not more, use from it than many of my other more expensive ones. These are lovely cookies to make on a rainy day. You can store them in an airtight container and they keep very well, but let me warn you....they won't last long. If you have a favorite sugar cookie recipe you can use it and add different flavorings to it such as almond or orange or even lemon......they're really tasty that way.

Actually, did you know it is so simple to make your own cookie dough rolls and freeze them? Then you can have them on hand whenever you decide to do quick baking like this. I plan to do a post in the near future on some of my favorite homemade mixes and I'll include one for the sugar cookie rolls.

In any case these are particularly fun and easy to make. Today I woke up to a bright, sunny Phoenix morning. It was lovely.....temps in the sixties.......I got some work done out on the patio that I have been planning to do. I've got to say though.....I certainly enjoyed having a couple of "rainy day cookies" for lunch to remind me of yesterday.
Over the Rainbow Cookies
17 ounce roll Pillsbury Slice and Bake Sugar Cookies
Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Food Coloring
Small amount of Sugar
Allow dough to soften at room temperature. Divide dough into four equal parts. To first portion of dough, add 2 drops blue food coloring; to second portion add 2 drops of green coloring;
to third portion, add 2 drops red coloring; and to fourth portion, add 2 drops of the yellow coloring. On a sheet of plastic wrap or wax paper, shape green dough into an 8-inch log. Press dough slightly to flatten one side. Cover roll carefully with blue dough, keeping semi-circular shape. Continue layering yellow and red doughs in same manner, gently pressing layers of dough together. Wrap; chill until firm, about 3 hours. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Using a sharp knife, slice roll into 1/8 inch slices. Place cookies, 1 inch apart, on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until edges are very lightly browned; sprinkle lightly with sugar. Cool slightly before removing from cookie sheet. Makes about 3 dozen cookies.

I hope you've enjoyed this repost. Be sure to visit Chari at Happy to Design for more gems from the past on Sunday Favorites.

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Ginny said...

I don't think I was following you when you originally did this post. I've looked at a lot of your archives though and I do remember this one now. These are so cute. Glad you reposted it to jog my memory. I like to do cute little things for Spring and I think these will be perfect! :)

Rachel said... cute...gonna be perfect this time of year!

Rachel said...


Rachel said...

Sorry...the comment just kept reposting! :0

Lori E said...

These cookies make me think of Easter eggs. Wouldn't they be pretty on the table with Easter dinner.

Alicia said...

These would be so great for Easter. I'm going to definitely try these the next time my little niece Clarissa comes to visit. Oh wait...even better, I'm going to email this post to my brother. He loves to do things with his little girl Clarissa on his days off. They even made soap together :-)

Thank you!

Carrie said...

Oh I love the way these cookies look! I agree these would look great on the dessert table at Easter.

podso said...

These are beautiful cookies and so perfect for spring, and of course they are better seen in a glass cookie jar than an opaque one. I do smile at the word "vintage" for the 80s--of course that was just "yesterday." Thanks for your comment on my blog and I enjoyed visiting yours! I'll be back!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Elaine...

Oooh...what a great post to share with us for Sunday Favorites, my friend! Thank you for joining in with the fun of SF today and sharing this great recipe!!!

My first thought when I seen these pretty cookies was how great they would be for Easter! You could certainly mold them to get an egg shape! Ohhh...I'm so excited, I'll have to give them a try! They really do sound so quick and easy and I'm all for that! Hehe! How cute that you and your kiddos called them "Rainy Day" cookies...since they are a rainbow! Made me smile! I also loved the idea of adding a little flavoring to each of the colors...great idea! Mmm...they sound sooo good! Again...thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites and sharing your "Rainy Day" cookies with us!!!

Have a super Sunday, my friend!
Chari @Happy To Design

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

What a GREAT cookie idea. I've HAD that cookie dough and it is yummy!!

Kathy said...

I'll bet the kiddos really like making these too! I'll have to do with Em when he's here someday.

Aren't those old cookbooks wonderful. I have a Betty Crocker children's cookbook from the 1950s and it has a recipe for Applesauce Raisin Cookies which has been my favorite for the last 55 years!

Amy said...

My girls will LOVE making (and eating!) these! Thanks for sharing!

Sweet and Savory said...

I love these. I make something similar in cupcakes. I told my class, I would make them, close to the ending of the school year. I will blog them, then.

I had some of my class come over, last year, to make these and it was the highlight of the year.

I am thrilled you posted the cookies.

Brenda said...

Those are so pretty. They remind me of Hawaii because they have rainbows on the license plates of the vehicles.

Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

What a cute idea! Great for kids!

Teri said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my banana bread recipe post! If you decide to try out the recipe, let me know how it turns out! :) These cookies are adorable. I'll have to keep this one in mind the next time my niece and nephews are in town. :)

MrsJenB said...

How CUTE! Thank you so much for sharing these and making me smile this morning. These would be great for Easter!

Deb said...

Hi Elaine - I am a new blogger and I am looking around at different blogs and the ones I like the most are full of family life and great recipes and a cat or two. I liked your blog so I will follow along. Have a good day, Deb.