Friday, November 28, 2008

I Have My Very Own Chimney Sweeps

Obviously they're not chimney sweeps by trade, but Jim and Christopher will tackle just about anything. Since it's always a good idea to clean your chimney before you light your first fire of the year, they climb up on the roof and go at it.
Why is it that guys like to get up on the roof? I'm glad, but I don't really understand it. Remember Dick Van Dyke, the Cockney chimney sweep in "Mary Poppins"? I tell them they're that good.......minus the singing and dancing! So far there's been no dancing on the roof.
Thanks guys! Now let's put some put some logs in the fireplace....... it's the day after Thanksgiving...............let the Christmas decorating begin.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jack's Days are Numbered..........He'll Soon be Going Back to the Attic!

It's always kind of sad, but after sitting on our porch swing from September 1st until Thanksgiving, our family scarecrow Jack has to return to the attic for another 9 months of relaxation. Actually we aren't always sure what he does up there all year when we're not watching. The two youngest ones in our family, the two 5 year olds, are pretty sure he can talk......and they're convinced they've seen him move.

I made him when my youngest son Christopher was in Kindergarten ( and he's 19 now!) So Jack has been in the family for awhile now.

He loves to travel around town........over the years he's been to parties, hayrides, and presided over Harvest Carnivals. He's had his picture taken with young and old. He's quite a social fellow.....never met anyone he didn't like.....or anyone who didn't like him. If he had a Facebook page he'd be the guy with all the friends!

While there's a video tape floating around somewhere of him dancing with several lovely young ladies here in Phoenix, his favorite date has always been my Mom. Here they are a few years back at a church party. He was her constant companion on a 1998 hayride when she was trying to ignore the unwanted attentions of a much older gentleman who shall remain nameless. He finally got the hint.....Jack had saved the day. He's really quite the ladies man.

But at heart he's a real family he is with grandaughters Kylie, Kenedee, and Christian a couple of years ago.

This year, just like every other year, nobody wants to say goodbye.........a quick kiss from the aforementioned 5 year olds........grandaughters Fiona and Kenedee. Love ya, Jack.