Friday, April 6, 2012

The Last of the Oranges

During the winter months here in the desert we are blessed with an abundance of fresh backyard oranges.  Which means, naturally, that we have fresh squeezed orange juice almost daily. In my book, there's nothing better!  We have, however, just used the last ones, so I found myself scouring the ads this afternoon looking for deals from the grocers.....something I have not had to do for a while.

Right before Christmas we bought and planted yet another citrus for the yard. It's a Trovita Orange, a juicing orange, and is supposed to be a particularly sweet orange in our climate.  Evidently in this case the warmer the climate the sweeter the orange.*It's supposed to make a very good patio tree and can be brought into the house to overwinter in colder climates. It's a late producer too so in the coming years we won't run out until later into the Spring.  Which will be a very good thing.

Obviously we will have no oranges on this tree this year, but the last week or so it has began to burst forth with dozens of the most heavenly smelling orange blossoms!  Since it is planted right behind our backyard swing, it is making for the most delightful of afternoons.  My family sometimes finds it amusing that I like to take a nap outdoors. But to my way of thinking, "who wouldn't? ".......not with this kind of stuff going on out there!  Right? 

Hope you're enjoying your Spring!

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