Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a Little Autumn......For Now

Sure, the calendar says it's Fall......but most of us here in the West are not convinced just yet. With three-digit temperatures still around we're really having to use our imaginations! But it's almost have to do SOMETHING..... right?......or at least I do. My solution has been to place a very simple arrangement of dried hydrangeas on my dining room table. I used a basket I already had, filled them with the flowers I picked from my father-in-law's yard a few weeks ago and have simply let dry. Now they're just the perfect gorgeous autumn colors.
Here I've used a table runner

Here's the arrangement from a different angle, using no table runner. I tend to like things a little more on the simple side so I'm really liking it on the bare black wood of the table top.
the trouble is I like them both ways. I'll probably go back and forth with it for the rest of the season.......I love to putter around with things in the house. For now I'm loving my little touch of Fall, and since we have to be away on a business trip for the rest of the week, we'll have this to greet us when we get back home on Monday. They'll look as lovely then as they did yesterday when I first placed them there. Even if the weather still isn't cooperating we'll have our own little piece of Autumn when we walk in the door.
Enjoying the little things,