Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Phoenix Hailstorm

As promised I'm finally posting pictures of the storm that hit us here in the desert three weeks ago. I thought it particularly appropriate for an "Outdoor Wednesday" post since it hardly ever looks this way here in Phoenix! No, this is not snow, it is hail.
My son Christopher, who is admittedly known to be rather dramatic, immediately rushed outside. Of course he wasn't the only one.....only one of many who reacted this way here in Phoenix......we all act kind of crazy when we get any change in the weather.....clouds, any kind of rain, the rare snowflake, and particularly something like this!
In our part of town, thankfully, it was all fun and no property damage.
Our Golden Retriever Patrick wouldn't dare venture out in it......he just stood at the door and looked out......until he found out it was ICE falling from the sky. Ice just happens to be one of his favorite treats.....really.....better than Milk Bones even! So he did stick his head out the door and eat all the hail that had fallen on the front doormat.
Keep in mind that we were still having three digit temperatures that first week in October!
The temps did drop a full 20 degrees pretty quickly that afternoon, but of course it all melted pretty quickly too......but we had our own white wonderland for a little while. That's exciting stuff around here.
We thought it was an especially enjoyable and cozy way to start off our Fall season.....too bad the firewood had gotten wet or I do believe I would have started up a fire in the fireplace :)
Till Friday when I share my sister Joan's special recipe for "Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies" ,


Kelli said...

Oh my goodness!! What fun!!

ArtSnark said...

wow- crazy. Love the dog enjoying the ice

Blondie's Journal said...

These are awesome pictures. I am glad you had a break from the heat!! My dog used to love ice cubes, too. The one we have now likes to watch it melt on the floor!! ;-D


Arija said...

Luckily the hailstones weren't the size of tennis balls.
Ar least the dog showed some sense. Bigger hailstones can kill you.
What a dramatic event for sure.

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

My daughter lives in Mesa and called to say they got pelted. How much more fun are your pictures featuring your son. Thanks!

Amy said...

That was some hail storm. We are having some windy days around here, but I love it. How's everything else going? Looking forward to the holidays?


Elaine said...

Amy, we're all doing good around here. We've been back and forth between Phoenix and San Diego (working on a project in SD) all summer...enjoyable but glad when it's finished so I can stay home more....I'm really a homebody at heart! Finally getting around to blogging again. Now I need to get around to visiting every else's blogs again. Good to hear from you! Hope you're all doing well. Are you on Facebook? Just wondering...I'm on there an awful lot even when I'm not blogging. Hope you have a great weekend. :)


Leah said...

Hey, I love these pictures. Your doggie is so cute too. I have two pups, a collie and a labrador. One loves ice cubes just like your Patrick and one won't have anything to do with them! LOL Fun post!

Linda said... friend who lives in the area told us about that...great events are rare here too, so I can see why you took pictures!Your son looks in pain...I bet that hail hurt!

Rodney Orton said...

Luckily, the hail storm there isn't as harsh as in other places. In some places hailstorms rain down hail the size of golf balls. And it looks like you guys are having a fun time playing in the snow.