Monday, December 1, 2008

His Mercies Are New Every Morning

The first day of December already! If you're like me you have SO many things you want to do in the next few weeks and wouldn't you know it , time-wise this seems to be the shortest month. Have you ever heard the saying, "the hurrier I go the behinder I get"? That certainly describes my December-self most years. Add to that those unexpected stresses and strains that come up in all of our lives from time to time, and you can have the recipe for a less than Merry Christmas.

Still, I love this time of year. I want to enjoy myself and I want to make it special for everyone in my life. But how do I do that if I'm worn out from just thinking about what needs to be done? It's exhilarating , it can be a lot of fun, but let's face it it's also a lot of work.

Isn't our God so good to us though? As I woke up this morning the first words that came to me were the words "his mercies are new every morning". These words kept going over and over in my mind. The old hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness" states it so beautifully....."morning by morning new mercies I see". His thoughts are new about me every morning. His plans are good for me every morning of my life. His love for me is renewed every morning. How can I not be excited to start every day with Him?
So bring on December! As I give each day to Him He gives me so much more.


GrammyT said...

AWESOME Elaine - I love it! This is very inspirational - You are a wonderfully creative woman and I look forward to reading your future blogs!

Amanda said...

I just found your blog today and I've gotta tell you I love it so far. Your post about His mercies made me want to look in the Bible and find out more about what his mercies are. Thanks, it really inspired me.

Oh and where was that beautiful sunrise picture taken and did you take it yourself?

Elaine said...

About the picture......I took it at White Horse Lake, Arizona on a camping trip a couple of summers ago. That was the prettiest time of day on the lake when the sun was just coming up.

YayaOrchid said...

What a beautiful and inspirational post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It has given me a sense of renewed strength. Scripture can do that you. :)